Pride Portraits Photo of Jessica Soukup

Jessica Soukup is an activist, writer and passionate advocate for intersectional feminism and the equal rights for transgender and gender diverse people. In 2017, she wrote He/She/They - Us: Essential information, vocabulary, and concepts to help you become a better ally to the transgender and gender diverse people in your life.

She speaks publicly on women’s empowerment, transgender rights and educates on LGBTQIA Allyship. 

She serves as vice chair of the board of the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT), and is a co-chair for Austin Pride. She has facilitated several cultural competency trainings for clients like Macmillan Learning, AMD, The Betty Board and YES Waivers for the State of Texas.

She also serves on the Admin team for Pantsuit Austin, a group of 16,000 feminists in the Austin Area where in addition to her regular admin duties, she works to educate and advocate on behalf of LGBTQIA People.

For 10 years at Texas State University, she has worked as a system’s analyst for the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Campus Recreation. As the education chair for Alliance at Texas State University, she has facilitated more than 28 workshops for Texas State University Professional Development including “Supporting Transgender people in higher education,” “LGBTQIA Allies Training,” and "Upstander: bystander intervention training."  She also has spoken to more than 60 classes on transgender and LGBTQiA Topics.

In 2018, she was a keynote speaker for the Stephen F Austin Women's Empowerment Summit and a keynote speaker for the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit.

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