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LGBTQIA+ Allyship Training

LGBTQiA+ Cultural Competency Training

Jessica Soukup has facilitated trainings for over 1000 people and clocked hundreds of hours of instruction.  These range from Professional Development Workshops for Texas State University, AMD and Mutual Mobile to guest speaker in sociology, psychology, family and consumer science and biology courses to sexuality and gender identity panel member in other courses.

Jessica strives for an intersectional approach designed to make attendees aware of the very diverse stories, experiences, outcomes and unique challenges faced as each of our various identities intersect.

"Peoples lives do not fit neatly within a dictionary definition and so cultural competency must go beyond the definitions to talk about how our myriad of identities impact our privileges and marginalization."

Each is training is tailored to the specific circumstances and environment of your workpace.
  • $500 -Executive Summary - 1.5 hours
    • Summary of the LGBTQiA Alphabet, immersion activity, allyship summary and resource list
  • $750 -Workplace Competency - 2.5 hours
    • Deconstruction of LGBTQiA Alphabet, immersion activity, allyship strategy session and resource list
  • $900 - Transformational Workshop- 4 hours
    • Deconstruction of the LGBTQiA Alphabet, immersion activity, allyship strategy session,  resources list,  and bystander intervention training.
    • (max 50 people, 2nd facilitator included)